Do your facial muscles hurt, more specifically, your TMJ? Or do you feel pain opening your mouth? Do you suffer by tinnitus?
These are the typical signs for TMJ syndrome.
You are necessarily recommended to seek medical advice!
However, this App will supply a very good additional help for you.
It is most ideal for people who catch themselves often feeling stressed out and psychologically pressured. Unfortunately, part of everyday in a meritocracy.

Dentists often prepare a toothed rail for their patients. Physiotherapy is meant to get rid of the tension.
I personally had a bad time wearing my uncomfortable and costly toothed rail.
Furthermore, the time consuming physiotherapy had no positive effect on my symptoms.

I am a dentist, a former TMJ-patient.
Especially during my worst phase of complaints I had participated numerous training sessions concerning this dental specialty.
All of my findings are culminated in this App.

By help of this concept, I was able to cure my resistant disease rapidly. My method has helped numerous other people to also get rid of their complaints completely.
I am sure this App can help you too.

To calm the sceptic:
The here presented therapy approach is not only absolutely scientifically sound;
It is also increasingly being very successfully applied by the most acknowledged TMJ-specialists by means of psychological conversation.

The costs of the app are nothing in relation to your previous costs and time you spent trying to stop your complaints.

Give it a try!

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